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What will you regret in 5 years ?

May 10, 2011

Today a few from our #UOregonNYC group were able to meet with Bruce Nelson from Omnicom, a holding company overseeing BBDO Worldwide, TBWA worldwide, Goodby … just to name a few. Wow, what an incredible way to start the week.

Bruce has truly climbed the ladder of the advertising agency. Copy writing, strategy, creative direction, and now one of seven running a mega holding company.

Our group was overwhelmed by Bruce’s time with us. His insight was really inspiring for those of us who are unsure of our placement in the ad agency, or whether or not we even want to be a part of the industry. Some takeaways:

Find your own way of breaking down the problem
Everyone needs to develop and own his/her own process. How do work? What suits you? Most importantly – within which creative box are you creative? No matter where we apply our skills, we’ll be pushing our minds creatively — but what is the execution?

Strategy is a bet
What are you going to put your stakes on? Are your instincts universal, or do you have a narrow focus?

Someone has to decide what matters
I’m fascinated by the concept of message control. Think of how few people control the content in your life. What you buy. What you know about history. What you know about the present. Someone has to curate the message.

Huge thanks to Bruce at Omnicom … his words will be with me for a long time.

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